Biden promised to release all hostages taken by Hamas


This was stated by Joe Biden on the occasion of the continuation of the humanitarian pause in Gaza, write Ukrinform.

“We will not stop until all the hostages held by Hamas terrorists are released,” the US president assured.

He explained that in recent days he was personally involved in efforts to ensure that the agreement on a temporary ceasefire could continue to bring results. In this connection, the head of the White House noted that more than 50 hostages have already been released from the captivity of Hamas and returned to their families, including small children, women and the elderly.

In addition, Biden noted, the humanitarian pause made it possible to increase the delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip.

“The United States has led humanitarian aid in Gaza, building on many years of work as the largest donor of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people,” the American leader emphasized.

A temporary truce between Israel and Hamas and the release of hostages

On November 21, it became known that Israel and Hamas are close to an agreement brokered by the United States, which will allow the release of dozens of women and children held hostage in Gaza in exchange for a five-day pause in hostilities. Later, the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, announced his readiness to conclude an agreement on a temporary truce with Israel.

On November 22, Qatar announced that Israel’s cabinet had approved a four-day ceasefire deal with Hamas to release 50 hostages. Later it became known that the release date of the hostages in Gaza was postponed due to the need to agree on the terms of the agreement.

A day later, the representative of the Qatari Foreign Ministry, Majed al-Ansari, said that the ceasefire regime between Israel and Hamas will come into force on Friday, November 24, at 07:00 in the morning, and the release of the hostages will begin at 16:00.

The interim truce agreement between Israel and Hamas calls for a four-day pause in the war, the first in seven weeks since the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7, and the release of a total of about 50 Israeli hostages in groups of about a dozen a day.

On Friday, November 24, Hamas released 24 Israeli and foreign hostages, Israel responded by handing over 39 Palestinian prisoners as part of a temporary ceasefire. In a separate deal on the same day, Hamas released 11 foreign nationals – 10 Thais and one Filipino.

Hamas was expected to release a second group of 13 hostages on November 25, rejecting Israel’s call to release one more person subject to the terms of the deal. At the same time, Israeli security sources warned that if Hamas delayed the release of the second group of hostages, Israel would resume ground operations in Gaza.

However, on the night of Saturday, November 25, the Red Cross received a second group of 13 Israeli and 7 foreign Hamas hostages in Egypt.

On Sunday, November 26, militants of the terrorist group Hamas handed over to the Israeli authorities a list of the third group of hostages who are ready for release.

Also, in his address to the troops on November 26, IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi stated that the military will return to the fight against Hamas “with determination” as soon as the cease-fire in the Gaza Strip ends.

On Sunday, November 26, Hamas handed over a third batch of hostages consisting of 14 Israelis and 3 Thai citizens.

On November 27, Hamas confirmed that the temporary truce with Israel had been extended with the agreement of Qatar and Egypt, in accordance with the terms of the previous agreement.

As of the evening of November 27, Hamas released all 50 hostages that the parties had agreed upon as part of the 4-day truce.



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