Biden: Russia would make 'incredibly serious mistake' if it uses nuclear weapons - Ukraine News, Politics

Biden: Russia would make ‘incredibly serious mistake’ if it uses nuclear weapons – Ukraine News, Politics

President of the U.S.A Joe Biden said Russia would make a “serious, serious mistake” if it used tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine. He stated this in a comment. CNN.

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In recent days, Russia has been trying to disperse the fake about Ukraine’s alleged plans to detonate a “dirty bomb”. Russian officials repeat these lies to Western leaders, but they do not believe them.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry recalled that Russians often blame others for what they plan to do themselves.

Biden said he spent most of today discussing the issue.

“Today I spent a lot of time talking about this. Let me say that Russia would make an incredibly serious mistake if it used tactical nuclear weapons,” Biden said. “I can’t guarantee yet that this is a false flag operation. We don’t know. That would be a serious, serious mistake,” he added.

REFERENCE. A “dirty bomb” is a conventional (non-nuclear) explosive device that, when detonated, releases radioactive material added to the explosive. The explosion of such a device causes local radioactive contamination due to the dispersion of the emitting substance.

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