Biden trusts Zelensky - Kuleba told why the US gave Ukraine modern weapons - Ukrainian news, Politics

Biden trusts Zelensky – Kuleba told why the US gave Ukraine modern weapons – Ukrainian news, Politics

The transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine of a new package of US military assistance worth $1 billion with modern weapons destroys the enemy’s attempts to sabotage such deliveries by throwing in about the “distrust” of the US authorities in how Ukraine uses the transferred weapons. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the air of the national marathon Dmitry Kuleba.

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The new batch of US weapons includes ammunition for M142 HIMARS rocket launchers, NASAMS air defense systems, 155 mm artillery systems and 120 mm mortars, Javelin anti-tank systems, armored vehicles and more.

This delivery is “the best counterargument for those who claim that there is allegedly no trust between Ukraine and the United States,” and which destroys the Russian propaganda claim that the partners do not seem to know where the weapons provided to Ukraine are going.

“Partners know everything, and there is a high level of trust <...> – personally between Zelensky and Biden, as well as between the teams of Biden and Zelensky. You just need to keep a cool mind and win the information war,” Kuleba stressed.

He urged CBS to investigate the fakes about the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and added that the channel’s apologies “are no less stupid than their reason.”

  • On August 2, Arestovich, a freelance adviser to the head of the OP, Arestovich, said that Ukraine “is catastrophically short of Western weapons, we can’t cope with such a quantity.”
  • Also yesterday, August 8, the Pentagon confirmed that it had transferred AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
  • Kuleba said that the process of recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism in the US is “at an advanced stage.”
  • 10,000 recruits every four months: describes who the British train for the APU.

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