Biden: Ukraine’s freedom is at stake. If Putin is not stopped, everyone will be at risk | News of Ukraine


The White House previously stated that money to help Ukraine would run out before the end of 2023 without approving additional funding.

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Biden: Ukraine's freedom is at stake.  If Putin is not stopped, everyone will be at risk Joe Biden (Photo: EPA)

President of the U.S.A Joe Biden against the backdrop of additional funding for Ukraine that has not yet been adopted by Congress statedWhat if the Russian dictator is not stopped? Vladimir Putinother countries will also be under threat.

“The freedom of Ukraine is at stake. And if we don’t stop Putin, it will endanger the freedom of everyone virtually everywhere,” Biden wrote.

The American leader emphasized that “the whole world is watching” what the United States will do.

“Let’s show them who we are and what we stand for. America stands for freedom today, tomorrow, always. America stands against tyranny and oppression. America stands with the people of Ukraine,” Biden said.

  • According to Politico, next week the US Senate will continue negotiations on the Biden administration’s request for funds for the Armed Forces.
  • Commenting on the situation with Western military assistance to Ukraine, Putin said that Ukrainians “are being given everything for free,” but “the freebie is running out.” The State Department responded by saying that Congress should offset this bet by the head of the Kremlin.

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