Biden voiced his version of the reasons for the attack by Hamas militants on Israel


About this informs press office of the White House.

According to the President of the USA, the possible reason for the attack is the close relationship between the USA and Saudi Arabia.

“I think one of the reasons Hamas struck when they did is because they knew that I was working very closely with the Saudis and other countries in the region to bring peace to the region through the recognition of Israel and the rights of Israel . for existence”. – Joe Biden stated.

Biden also mentioned the G20 summit, at which the US agreed to connect the Middle East and Europe by rail.

“There was an announcement that said we were going to build a railway from Riyadh across the Middle East to Saudi Arabia and Israel and so on and so on to Europe. No… not a railway, but it would be underground pipeline and then rail,” Biden said.

The American leader said that Arab countries are interested in working together to change the situation in their region and achieve long-term peace.

“I intend to continue working in this direction,” Biden said.

  • On Friday, November 24, Hamas released 24 Israeli and foreign hostages, Israel responded by handing over 39 Palestinian prisoners as part of a temporary ceasefire



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