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damn National rake dances again. One military man, judging by the reviews of mutual acquaintances, a real soldier, one of those who are called “real”, outraged by the fact that the boys are not given the deserved awards, threw shit at the women who received those awards. Calling them the dirtiest words at the same time. And the s*h got fired up!

To the boy, apparently, like many others, the war and fatigue took a toll on the roof. He should apologize to the girls and close this disgusting topic to everyone.

But it is wider than just the open rudeness of a guy with a flooded roof. The problem with “corrupt” awarding of the unworthy ÔÇö both women and men ÔÇö is wider than is known.

I want to say three things.

1. If you or your sibling was not given a well-deserved award, it is not the fault or problem of other people who received awards. The problem is either with your commander (did not submit), or with the bureaucrats above (lost the submission), or with time (submitted, did not lose, the reward will still come). Due to certain bureaucratic reasons, some guys have been waiting for their awards for almost a year.

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1.1. Every good deed, especially if it has the form of a “tumbler”, needs to be “worked on”. Let a few of the most adequate people from the platoon approach the commander and remind him: Mykola is a hero, he has already knocked out ten units of armored vehicles, will Mykola be presented for an award? And don’t hesitate to ask later if it was served. This, of course, is not exactly how it should work, well, but hey, we don’t live in an ideal world.

2. If someone has been given an award that seems undeserved to you, especially if you don’t know anything about this person, just pass by. Because it’s a bit out of your business. Indignation at injustice in such cases is so close to frogs, which ceases to differ from it and hits not those awarded, but you. In the olden days, there was an absolutely disgusting paid “women’s movement”, whose members came to protest events (sometimes their own, but usually others) and flashed their naked tits there. For all the years that this lasted, I basically did not mention them in public with a single word. Because they imposed their own rules of the game, according to which it was impossible to criticize them. If a man did it, he would look impotent or a loser who has problems with women. If a woman, it would be like envying their youth and beauty. And you are silent, because what are you going to do here? Just wait until their financial patrons go somewhere and they suck themselves. Which, of course, soon happened.

If you have a worthy brother, seek recognition of his merits by the state/department. And don’t let other people’s awards cloud your eyes, because the way out of that is shame itself, an unworthy appearance.

A slightly different option is when a political or financial swindler gets riches for himself by trumping awards that he did not receive, or by inventing a heroic biography that did not exist. In such cases, a thorough investigation should be conducted (which is not so difficult, because the front is a small village, after one or two handshakes everyone knows everyone) and fraud should be proven. But in no case should you spew bile without proof.

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3. Absolute justice does not exist. There will never be enough for everyone, because everyone is many and everything is little. And to oppose it is to compete with windmills. Suppose a reconnaissance platoon brilliantly performed a combat mission and returned, taking with it secret documents and important prisoners. They are all equally heroes. Even those who did not go “behind the scenes”, but provided their logistics. But 30, or however many there were, awards will never be awarded. In an ideal situation, there will be a commander’s order and several other awards, but how do you choose who to give them to? It will be distributed somehow, of course, but the principle of justice has already been violated. In a normal unit, the rest of the fighters will be submitted next time. But all the same – everyone worthy of awards will still lack. And some part of the unworthy somewhere out there will still get them.

And to worry about it – hey, don’t you feel sorry for your own nerves and your own reserve of bile? If you knew for sure that you would never be awarded any honor, would you not go to fight? Or if they had known that they would not give you, but would give the general’s cook, would they not have left either?

Our collective frenzied reaction to the slightest stimulus in the form of inequality would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Why do you think the Bolsheviks took over the country? It is on this dark instinct. He is very dangerous in fact. It is normal to stand up for yourself and others. Taking care of other people’s business is not very good.


About the author. Olena Bilozerska, officer of the Armed Forces, volunteer, blogger

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