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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken asked whether Washington is afraid of attacks by ATACMS missiles on Russian territory if Ukraine receives them. He replied that the Defense Forces themselves select targets for strikes. This is what he’s talking about reported at a briefing with the German Foreign Minister Annalenoi Burbock.

According to him, any system that is discussed for possible transfer to Ukraine is analyzed by Washington.

The journalist asked whether the delay in transferring ATACMS was due to concerns about the range of the missiles and their possible strikes on Russian territory.

Blinken responded that when it comes to using transferred weapons, Ukrainian forces choose their targets.

“They will have to make a decision about what can be most effective in working to restore full sovereignty and territorial integrity. As part of our own policy, we do not encourage or allow the use of our weapons systems outside of Ukraine. But again, in essence this is Ukrainian decisions,” the diplomat emphasized.

REFERENCE. ATACMS is an American operational-tactical ballistic missile system. The M142 HIMARS, M270 MLRS and MARS II launchers are designed to launch missiles. Various modifications of ATACMS have a range from 165 to 310 km. So far, Ukraine has received HIMARS shells that hit 70-80 km. The Ukrainian Armed Forces use HIMARS to attack warehouses, headquarters and other targets behind Russian lines.

  • On September 10, 2023, the FT wrote that US President Biden is β€œon the verge of a decision” on the supply of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.
  • If the West reduces or ends military aid to Ukraine during its liberation war for the existence of the state and people, it is β€œimpossible to predict” how millions of Ukrainian refugees in European countries will react if their country is abandoned, President Zelensky said.

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