Bookmakers predict Kalush Orchestra's victory at Eurovision-2022: 45% probability

Bookmakers predict Kalush Orchestra’s victory at Eurovision-2022: 45% probability

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Stephanie’s song garnered the most views on YouTube among all 35 members – nearly 7 million.

How noted The band’s leader Oleh Psyuk commented to the Italian news agency Ansa that he dedicated the song to his mother, but in the context of the war in Ukraine it has taken on a new meaning – now it is dedicated to all mothers who protect their children.

“Some people say we can win the war, but our song was in the top five before the conflict. That means people like it despite the circumstances,” Psyuk said of the song’s and the band’s chances of winning.

  • On April 28, the Kalush Orchestra left Lviv for the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin.
  • At Eurovision 2022, the first semifinal of which will take place in Turin on May 10, the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra will appear on stage in exact copies of ancient masterpieces of folk art and authentic things that have about a hundred.

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