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The military informs that this is of great importance for the Odesa region.

Ukraine has regained control over the “Boik towers” / photo UNIAN, Oleksiy Pavlyshak

The liberation of the so-called “Boyka towers” in the Black Sea will allow Ukraine to improve the system of coastal protection and defense.

This was stated by the spokesman of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Dmytro Pletenchuk, in a comment To the public. According to him, the conduct of such special operations is possible thanks to the work of the Coastal Missile and Artillery Forces of the Navy, which make it impossible for Russian warships to appear near the platforms.

The equipment that allowed the Russian invaders to monitor the surface situation has already been dismantled from the vacated “towers”. “This allows us to leave them without relevant information, they will not be able to react in time or plan something in our water area. Therefore, it is of great importance for Odesa region in the first place,” he explained.

Ukraine freed “Boyk towers”: what is known

Yesterday afternoon, intelligence reported that the Petro Godovalets and Ukraina drilling platforms, as well as the Tavrida and Sivash oil rigs, had been returned to Ukrainian control.

Ukrainian special forces were attacked by a Russian Su-30 fighter jet, but it was hit by it. In addition, during the operation, Ukrainian soldiers captured NAR-type helicopter ammunition and the Neva radar station.

Later, intelligence released images from the operation and revealed new details of the operation. In particular, they managed to evacuate a soldier who was overboard and spent 14 hours in the open sea.

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