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Due to bad weather, infantry cannot operate stably, artillery activity decreases, but the occupiers are actively using aviation, Bratchuk noted.

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Russia is concentrating reserves on the left bank of the Kherson region - UDA speaker Russian occupiers (Photo: EPA)

The Russians are concentrating reserves and collecting equipment on the left bank of the Dnieper, said Sergei Bratchuk, speaker of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army “South”. He spoke about this for extensive material about the situation at the front with the onset of cold weather.

According to Bratchuk, in the south, due to snow and heavy winds, infantry cannot operate stably and artillery activity decreases, and the occupiers are actively using aviation, bombing with guided and high-explosive bombs.

“In any direction, a lot depends on logistics, on the provision of ammunition, provisions, and most importantly, ammunition. In the south, this logistics is now complicated, both for us and for the enemy,” added the UDA speaker.

Reserve Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, ex-speaker of the General Staff Vladislav Seleznev noted that in a week the group of Russians on the left bank increased by almost 5,000 – up to 69,700 people, this was additional units of air assault divisions.

“Right now they are not involved in combat operations, but are gradually concentrated in the area of ​​the Askania-Nova nature reserve. Most likely, they will serve as a fire reserve – they will be thrown where it is most important to close the holes in their own defense,” explained He.

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Seleznev said that the fighting there is taking place in difficult conditions that are unfavorable for the Ukrainian defenders: the occupiers in the south of the Kherson region have enough artillery and armored vehicles, they have the opportunity to use air support to carry out their tasks.

According to the ex-speaker of the General Staff, Ukrainian marines hold defensive lines and positions from three to eight kilometers, and they cannot yet advance further, otherwise they will leave the umbrella of the Ukrainian air defense.

“The key question is: how to keep warm in the field, how to give the military the opportunity to rest, how to adhere to a clear medical evacuation algorithm. That same “golden hour” for evacuating the wounded in winter is shortening. It’s difficult for everyone who is in the field. In the Kherson region, marines operate in the floodplains , where groundwater is close and the ability to create protective structures is complicated,” Seleznev added.

Bratchuk noted that the opportunity for Ukrainian defenders to hide in the buildings of populated areas is also practically absent.

“The fortification is very complicated. There is a lot of destruction, because powerful aviation is constantly working. From the same Krynoki, I think, there is nothing left,” he added.

Krynki is a village on the left bank of the Kherson region. Various OSINT researchers record part of the settlement either as a gray zone or as liberated by Ukrainian defenders.

However, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has not yet officially reported about the fighting in the village.

Map: Deepstate Map: Deepstate

  • On there is a large text about how Ukrainian marines gained a foothold on the left bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson direction: there are three bridgeheads under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces; this came as a surprise to the Russians.
  • The speaker of the Tauride direction reported that Russian invaders remain most active in the Avdeevsky direction; during the day, the Defense Forces repelled 30 attacks. There is strong wind throughout the Tauride direction.
  • A representative of the Ground Forces command said that the situation in the Liman-Kupyansk direction remains as active as last week.

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