Britain transferred Brimstone 2 to Ukraine (video) |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Britain transferred Brimstone 2 to Ukraine (video) | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Previously, Ukraine received first-generation Brimstone missiles.

Ukraine received modern missiles from Great Britain Brimstone 2 as part of military aid. About this reports analytical project Ukraine Weapons Tracker. Previously it was known only about deliveries of Brimstone missiles of the first generation.

«The United Kingdom supplies the Armed Forces not only with the old Brimstone 1 missiles, but also with modern Brimstone 2 Dual Mode missiles“, the message says.

This model has a significantly longer maximum range (200% longer), as well as improved homing design, software and airframe.

An important characteristic of the Brimstone 2 Dual Mode is that the missile has a combined guidance system. It consists of a combination of a basic homing radar head capable of distinguishing ground targets and a classic semi-active laser system. The first allows you to work in the “fire and forget” mode, while during a salvo, the missiles exchange information, which does not allow two missiles to be aimed at the same target. The latter allows missiles to be guided, in particular, by illuminating the target, for example, from an unmanned aerial vehicle.

As is known from open sources, these missiles are traditionally launched by the British Air Force from Tornado and Typhoon fighters, but the ZSU uses trucks as mobile launchers.

According to The Telegraph, the cost of one missile Brimstone 2which entered service with the Royal Air Force in 2016, is valued at approximately $207,000.

The flight range of a missile launched from an aircraft is 60 km, but it is 10-12 km less than that launched from ground platforms. This is caused by the high energy consumption of the rocket to gain altitude.

Brimstone is a family of air-to-ground guided missiles developed by the MBDA international consortium.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Great Britain has already delivered hundreds of these missiles to Ukraine. In the Armed Forces, the Brimstone has been modified to be launched from ground-based launchers for use against ground targets.


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