Budanov called the general “very problematic” for Ukraine


According to him, this top general was removed from his post for a certain time, but then returned.

Budanov called a “problematic general” for Ukraine / screenshot from the video

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, said that the head of the fifth service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, Serhiy Beseda, is “very problematic” for Ukraine.

As Budanov said in an interview UPthis general has always brought problems to Ukraine and is “a very problematic person.”

“A lot of evil has been planned for Ukraine. Well, nothing, time will sort everything out,” said Budanov.

The head of the GUR noted that at the beginning of the Great War, Beseda was removed from his post for a while, but then “everything settled down.”

“Currently, he is engaged in his work, unfortunately, not at all for the benefit of Ukraine. Active operations on the territory of Ukraine,” he said.

Budanov clarified that the FSB is focused on working with civilian businessmen, politicians, etc. When asked whether the Russians are currently trying to recruit Ukrainian officials, Budanov replied that this should be addressed to the SBU.

The Service of Operational Information and International Relations (informally known as the Fifth Service) deals with the FSB’s relations with foreign partners, in particular with American agencies. Foreign intelligence functions are performed by the Department of Operational Information, which was responsible for providing dictator Vladimir Putin with information on political events in Ukraine on the eve of the invasion.

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Failure of FSB intelligence

As UNIAN reported, since the beginning of the war on the territory of Ukraine, relations between the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the intelligence of the occupiers have deteriorated due to the failure of the Russian military.

The department responsible for foreign intelligence was injured: General Serhiy Beseda and another special service officer were questioned and placed under house arrest; – Deputy Chief of the National Guard Roman Gavrilov was dismissed.

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