Bulgaria may transfer S-300 missiles to Ukraine that need repair


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The Defense Committee of the Bulgarian Parliament approved a draft decision on the transfer of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine, which need repair.

This is reported by the agency The Sofia Globe.

Proponents of the draft decision stated that the S-300 missile systems were deemed unusable by the military, and it is impossible to repair the missiles in Bulgaria. At the same time, Ukraine has the opportunity to use them.

“Our country does not have the necessary capacity to independently repair these ammunitions. Their use by our army would pose a serious threat to the lives of Bulgarian servicemen. Unlike Bulgaria, Ukraine stated that it has the opportunity to use such defective ammunition and put them into service in the Ukrainian army.”says the explanatory note.

In addition, the draft decision also provides that Bulgaria will provide Ukraine with 5.56 caliber cartridges from the reserves of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The draft resolution still needs to be considered by the parliamentary defense committee before being voted on by the entire House of Representatives. If approved, the Ministry of Defense will decide on the number of missiles and cartridges that will be transferred to Ukraine.

It will be recalled that the Bulgarian government approved the transfer of a large batch of armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. It was also reported that Bulgaria could transfer Soviet-style armored vehicles to Ukraine.

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Source: Bulgaria may transfer S-300 missiles to Ukraine that need repair


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