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To prepare a hookah and enjoy smoking, you need not only the design itself and tobacco. It is important to choose the right fuel, i.e. coals for kindling. Without them, you can not make a smoking mixture. It depends on the type and material how intensely and fully the aroma will be revealed, how rich the taste will be. If you use good fuel, everyone involved in the process will smoke for a long time and be satisfied.

Charcoal is used to heat and kindle tobacco. Modern manufacturers offer many options with different characteristics. Without fuel, a hookah turns into a useless structure, therefore, for a home smoking room or an institution, it is better to buy them together. If this is a gift, then it is advisable to additionally purchase tobacco and other accessories.

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Which one to choose

Nut and coconut material is in great demand. Both have features, advantages and disadvantages. So, the first is made from a walnut shell processed in a special way. The composition is completely environmentally friendly and safe, no harmful, toxic substances are added to it. It is convenient to buy coal for hookah here The Duman website sells a product with excellent performance.

Nut is often used by experienced smokers. The natural mixture does not spread an unpleasant odor. Smoldering for a long time, allows you to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of tobacco. It does not spark when ignited, so walnut coals are completely safe. Convenient, economical, leaving very little ash after combustion. Among the natural material, the one that is obtained from the coconut shell is also in great demand.

Most of the producers of such coal are located in Indonesia. During the manufacturing process, the shell is fired, then ground and mixed with natural glue. From the finished composition, coals are made in the form of cubes, and then dried. Coconut charcoal is very popular due to its many benefits:

  • completely safe, made without toxic ingredients;
  • evenly distributes heat throughout the tobacco;
  • economically used. Three coals are enough for one smoking session;
  • long smoldering – about an hour. During this time, the taste and aroma of the mixture is fully revealed.

A wide variety of fuel materials for making hookah are sold in the Duman store.

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What accessories will be needed

To light hookah coals, you need to use many different tools. So, it is very convenient to regulate the heat supplied to the fuel with the help of kaloud. They are often used to avoid burnout of the mixture. Calaud is made of duralumin, it is designed to control the temperature during combustion. You can’t let tobacco burn. Because of this, it is bitter and generally acquires an unpleasant aftertaste.

To make it more convenient to use the hookah anywhere, you should buy a basket for carrying coals. Especially often such an accessory is used by those who prepare mixtures on their own during outdoor recreation. The basket with a removable bowl is very simple and easy to care for. It is convenient to buy both coals made from natural materials and the necessary tools for smoking on the Duman website.

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