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The European Commission issued a warning.

The Russian Federation continues to receive components for the production of weapons from the EU / Illustration by REUTERS

Brussels has warned European companies and governments that it may ban the sale of some components to countries from which Iran and Russia receive components for drones and other weapons that strike Ukraine.

As written The Guardian, the statement was made after the publication of a 47-page document that Ukraine presented to the G7 member countries in August. It claims that over the past three months, Ukraine has been attacked about 600 times by drones created using Western technology.

The manufacturers of the identified components are five European companies, including the Polish division of a British multinational corporation. At the same time, it is not indicated that these companies have committed an offense.

“The production of Iranian UAVs is adapted and mainly uses available commercial components, the supply of which is poorly controlled or not controlled at all,” the article states.

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According to the customs service, almost all imports to Iran were made from Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Costa Rica. A representative of the European Commission stated the need to closely monitor foreign operators who re-export goods subject to EU sanctions without the exporter’s knowledge.

“To implement this scenario, we asked for support from the authorities of third countries to make sure that goods exported from the EU to these countries do not end up in Russia,” he said.

They compiled a priority list of sanctioned goods, to which companies should be especially careful and which third countries should not export to Russia.

“However, in some cases these diplomatic efforts may prove to be insufficient, or there will simply be no will to do them. If nothing helps, the only option left is to stop the export to these third countries of the very specific goods that cause us the most concern, using the instrument EU anti-circumvention tool. This tool will allow the EU to ban the export of these goods to countries that are used to circumvent our sanctions, as well as ban the provision of related services,” he said.

Circumvention of sanctions against Russia: the latest news

As you know, Ukraine has repeatedly stated that Moscow finds a way to bypass sanctions and obtain European components that it uses for the production of weapons.

According to the Russian publication Verstka, the aggressor country can import almost any sanctioned goods, including chips from Western companies.

It will be recalled that yesterday the United States of America imposed sanctions on five organizations and two individuals based in Iran, China, Hong Kong, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, which are involved in a transnational network for the production of drones.

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