Cameron, URCS reps discuss humanitarian situation in Ukraine


British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, representatives of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) and public organizations discussed the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and the needs of Ukrainians.

“Issues of humanitarian assistance to the population affected by the war in Ukraine were discussed, in particular, those who suffered from the destruction of Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant,” the society said on Facebook on Friday following a meeting in Odesa.

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society said on Friday, as part of cooperation, the UK is allocating GBP 10 million sterling ($12.4 million) for the response and assistance provided by the Ukrainian Red Cross.

The URCS representatives shared with Cameron their experience in responding to emergency situations, in particular, to a large-scale environmental disaster as a result of the destruction of Kakhovka hydroelectric plant. They talked about the evacuation of people from shelling, the deployment of assistance in the area of liquidation of the consequences of missile attacks, and the difficulties of working in “hot spots.”

In addition, the meeting participants discussed issues of URCS support for critical infrastructure facilities last year during blackouts and in the autumn of 2023, as well as the necessary scale of assistance for the energy independence of these facilities.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the British Red Cross, Mercy Corps and the social organization Social Perspective.

Cameron URCS reps discuss humanitarian situation in Ukraine



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