Canada has imposed new sanctions against Iran for its brutal crackdown on protests

Canada has imposed new sanctions against Iran for its brutal crackdown on protests

It was reported Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada.

It was noted that this is the third package of sanctions that Canada has introduced against Iran. It, like the previous ones, was introduced due to systematic violations of human rights by the Iranian regime, as well as due to actions aimed at destabilizing regional peace and security.

Six people and four organizations were included in the new package of sanctions. All of them, according to the Canadian Foreign Ministry, are directly involved in human rights violations in Iran, in particular women’s rights. They are also considered guilty of justifying repression against people disloyal to the government.

So, organizations such as the Guardian Council, the Expediency Council of Iran and the Assembly of Experts were included in the sanctions list. Those on the sanctions list include Iran’s Deputy Interior Minister Seyed Majid Mirahmadi, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps operational base commander Mohammad Karami, and former head of the Iran Broadcasting Corporation, Ezzatollah Zargami.

The measures taken against these individuals and entities prohibit cooperation with them and freeze any of their assets in Canada. In addition, people on the sanctions list are prohibited from entering Canada.

“Canada is determined to work continuously on drawing up lists of individuals and organizations responsible for gross and systematic violations of human rights in Iran,” the statement said.

  • On October 19, the European Union imposed sanctions on Iran in connection with the supply of weapons to Russia.

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