Canada has imposed new sanctions on Iran over human rights violations


About this informs Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada.

“The new sanctions apply to six people involved in actions that are a brutal and systematic violation of human rights,” the Canadian Foreign Ministry said.

Thus, sanctions were imposed against the secretary and three senior members of Iran’s Supreme Council for the Cultural Revolution, responsible for strengthening the repressive policy on the issue of compulsory wearing of the hijab.

In addition, the package included a high-ranking commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Kurdish province, and the highest-ranking official in Iran’s parliament on national security and foreign affairs.

Now the sanctioned persons are prohibited from entering Canada, and their property and funds in the country are frozen.

  • Also on September 15, Great Britain, France and Germany decided to extend sanctions against Iran to deter the country from supplying Shahed-136 drones and missiles to Russia.



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