Cars abandoned at the beginning of the war: where are they and how to pick them up |


Residents of Kharkiv, who were forced to abandon their cars on the roads at the beginning of the war, can pick them up from special sites.

The director of the Department of Construction and Road Management, Dmytro Lypovyi, announced this on the air of radio “Nakipilo” today, September 13, according to the city council.

“In the first days of the war, many cars were abandoned and damaged by shelling.

There was an urgent need to remove them from the roads to provide passage for rescuers and ambulances transporting the injured.

Therefore, several sites were allocated to take the abandoned cars there. Almost all of them are there.

Somewhere there are still abandoned cars in sleeping areas, that is why decisions of the executive committee are being made regarding their forced removal,” said Dmytro Lypovy.

According to him, in order to pick up your car, you need to contact the Department for Inspection Work.

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