Cats, Cossacks and the Kremlin, which should burn: patriotic murals appeared in Balaklia |  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Cats, Cossacks and the Kremlin, which should burn: patriotic murals appeared in Balaklia | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Art brings back to life: a series of patriotic murals appeared in Balaklia. This is the result of the association of artists and musicians, which was called the Cultural Landing.

Kolya Serga, musician

Today we gathered very cool artists: this is Serhiy Fomichev, a famous designer and artist, he will draw a stamp that Ukrposhta will accept as a new circulation stamp. His drawing is called “Kremlin – a place for Kurenia”. This is Konstantin from the city of Rivne, who will paint a mural that symbolizes the victory of life over war, over death. This is blws68, a team from Odesa, who have been drawing cats in various images since the beginning of the war. The whole of Odessa was sketched and had a great impact on the mood of Odessans.

Bright cats and Cossacks are now cheering up even the talkers.


Very cool. This is very patriotic and very uplifts our patriotic spirit. This is very cool. You are driving, there is something broken somewhere, there is a beating… You drive by and see this picture and the sun starts to shine in your soul.


Especially if I’m sorry there further, it’s even more beautiful there. And there will be a lot more to draw. This is a huge drawing.


There is a lot of destruction. It’s cool that they came and drew a lot of things. It’s not the first time they come and it’s nice. – What drawing did you like? – We love Balakleya and the Cossacks are drawn.

Kolya Serga

We were in Izyum, Kupyansk, Balaklia, Dvorichnaya about 1.5-2 weeks ago, talked with people, played street concerts. And they told us that now there are many people who are wary of Ukrainians, because for six months they bombarded them and told that there were Nazis and people from Bandera. And we realized that many are still in a state of fear, we need something that will develop imagination, and this is art. Because when we played, we saw how people react and seem to wake up for a while.

The central composition is called “Place for Kurenia” and it depicts the central square of the terrorist country.

Serhiy Fomichev, designer

A red square is depicted and marked as a smoking area. But to hurt the enemy more – these are Russian words written in our letters. This is grotesque, a mockery of the enemy. The Russians are liars and for all our successes that happen to their objects, they say that someone was smoking. And we designated a place for them to smoke.

The picture was drawn from a decorative glass stamp, which the authors call an ideological weapon and hope that soon the idea will be reproduced in a real postage stamp.

Serhiy Fomichev, designer

This is a whole series of products, called “ideological weapons”, used for the honor, benefit and glory of Ukraine, produced in Kharkiv during the war with Russia. Now we have given this idea to Ukrposhta, it will be voted on soon. We want to win. If we win, Ukrposhta will print this stamp. It will be a small stamp, but it will be distributed in millions, maintain the fighting spirit of the nation and inflict maximum pain on the enemy.

On the other wall there will be a symbolic painting – a girl with an enemy missile. It also has its own story.

Konstantin Kochanovskyi, artist

I was inspired after those events, the station in Kramatorsk, where a rocket with the inscription “For the children” fell. And I was outraged that a missile with such an inscription was flying right at children. Dissonance. Our main task was to bring warmth and somehow encourage people.

Dmytro Shudrenko, artist

I draw the name of the town, Balaklia, where we are. And next to this font there will be a cartoon Cossack. It is in the center of the city, it is symbolic and will remind that Balaklia has returned to Ukraine and everything will be Ukraine.

Yellow and blue are colors that have been in great demand among artists since the beginning of the war. A lot of yellow and blue now and in the center of free Balaklia.

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