CBS News: North Korea has begun transferring artillery to Russia. What he gets in return is unknown | News of Ukraine


TV company CBS News citing an unnamed American official, reports that North Korea has allegedly begun supplying Russia with artillery for the war against Ukraine.

It is not yet clear whether this transfer is part of a new long-term supply chain, or whether it is a more limited shipment of military aid, journalists write.

It is also unknown what North Korea receives in exchange for these weapons.

In September, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un visited Russia, where he personally met with a Russian β€œcolleague” Vladimir Putin. A number of American media outlets on the eve of this trip suggested that Kim would ask Putin for technology to develop the space industry, and in return plans to provide Russia with ammunition and weapons.

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said on September 28 that the White House sees developments in relations between Pyongyang and Moscow.

According to him, negotiations between the two countries are being conducted not only around weapons for Russia, but also regarding technologies for the DPRK.

  • According to military analysts, the transfer of weapons to the Russian Federation by the DPRK is unlikely to significantly change the course of hostilities, reports Reuters.
  • According to Yonhap, after the meeting with Putin, the North Korean dictator held a meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Labor Party, the highest leadership body of the DPRK, and gave the order to β€œdeepen relations with Russia as much as possible.”

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