Chichenin about the withdrawal of the film about the love of Ivan and Marta Dzyubov


For some reason, very few of them are filmed and they are mostly quite predictable rom-coms. The entire quota for the lavstoriz was taken from us by a TV series about a gray mouse who finds her wealthy husband in a nice wheelbarrow.

A new film by Serhiy Bukovsky, “Ivan and Marta,” about the Dzyub couple, was supposed to be released this week. And I believe that this is a film primarily about love. Mr. Ivan was already very ill during the filming, his wife took care of him. That is why she became the main character, this is exactly her story. Dzyuba said so: it is better to call them “Marta and Ivan”. She herself does not like it very much.

Here is what she remembers about their acquaintance. Famous writers came to Lviv to perform. The hype is scary. Ms. Marta also left, primarily for Pavlychka. But she cast her eye on Dzyuba and he on her too. The next day in the evening they were supposed to go on a date and she was still thinking: should she go or not? But she washed her hair just in case. Meanwhile, the doorbell rang – behind it was Ivan Dzyuba, who did not want to wait until the evening.

She herself says that “I was considered not serious because I had many boyfriends – a new one every month.” But we somehow had to stay here. And later go through all the trials with this man. But her story is different from all the pathetic and heroic stories about the sixties. Dzyuba was not ready to be a hero, go to prison and die there because of poor health. His wife just wanted to live a normal life and is very sorry that they only had one child.

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And in the movie “Ivan and Martha” there are many different funny and almost everyday details. Who wore what clothes, how they hung out, what character they had. The writer Iryna Wilde, for example, went around in the 60s and assured everyone that the USA was about to fall apart.

In a word, the film is wonderful, like all of Bukowski’s. But, unfortunately, you will not see him. At least now, on scheduled rental days. Because it was removed. There were still sessions on Thursday-Friday, and then they were canceled. The official reason is the unresolved issues of producers from Derzhkino.

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I am not implying anything, but Bukowski was one of those who signed the letter of cinematographers to Shmyhal. They demand the dismissal of the head of the State Cinema, Maryna Kuderchuk, due to professional incapacity, the announcement of a new transparent competition and the rewriting of the Cinema Development Strategy. Now this document, written by representatives of State Cinema, promises us first of all the development of television series, not cinema.

We are waiting for Derzhkino’s comments – the request has already been made. Meanwhile, the film “Ivan and Martha” may well become scandalous. And that’s great. I have long proposed to call this method of promotion the “Medvedchuk method”. At one time, he tried to make a film about Stus, and because of this quarrel “Forbidden” received much more media coverage and box office than it should have. Vakhtang Kipiani’s book about the same Stus became a super megahit, although the format of the collection of documents did not foresee this at all. All because Medvedchuk threw a tantrum there because of references to himself.


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