China is worried about Putin's failures in Ukraine - CIA director - UNIAN

China is worried about Putin’s failures in Ukraine – CIA director – UNIAN

The leader of the People’s Republic of China is thinking about his own ambitions for Taiwan.

China is worried about Putins failures in Ukraine CIA China is worried about the defeats of the Russian Federation in Ukraine / photo REUTERS

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, especially the failure of the initial plan, caused concern for Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

As the director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, William Burns, said in a program on American public television PBSno country in the world followed the failures of the Russian Federation on the battlefield as closely as China.

“I don’t think any foreign leader has paid more attention to this war and Russia’s poor military record than Xi Jinping as he contemplates his own ambitions in Taiwan and elsewhere,” Burns said.

According to him, “it was interesting to watch the reaction of the Chinese leadership to the war in Ukraine,” because on the eve of the invasion, Putin and Xi Jinping met at the Winter Olympics in Beijing and declared “boundless friendship.” However, this partnership did have a limit. Convinced of the failure of Putin’s plans, China refused to supply Russia with weapons.

“It appears that this partnership actually has some limits, at least in terms of President Xi’s reluctance to provide Putin with the military assistance he requested during the war in Ukraine. Therefore, I would not for a moment underestimate the commitment of the Chinese and Russian leadership to this partnership.” , – said Burns.

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The Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine: China’s position

At the end of the summer, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, stated that China is still neutral in the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine.

After the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Kuleba said that Ukraine expects an impartial and fair view of the aggression of the Russian Federation from China.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi also expressed hope that China will stop balancing and send a signal to the Russian Federation about the need to end the war.

In October, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed support for the Russian Federation “under the leadership of Putin” in a telephone conversation with Sergey Lavrov.

After the massive shelling of Ukraine on November 23, China called on the parties to start peace talks as soon as possible.

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