China plans to take over Taiwan by 2027 - CIA

China plans to take over Taiwan by 2027 – CIA

This was announced on Friday by Deputy Director of the CIA David Cohen, who noted that the Chinese leader has not yet made a decision about the invasion itself, but wants to have the opportunity. transmits Ukrinform with reference to CNN.

“He hasn’t made a decision on that yet, but he has asked his military to do so (by 2027). The assessment of the intelligence community is still that it is in Xi’s best interest to gain control of Taiwan by non-military means,” Cohen said during an intelligence summit. and Homeland Security at National Harbor in Maryland.

According to the CIA, the key date should be 2027, which will mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army of China and coincide with the planned decommissioning of some US warships.

  • It should be noted that Taiwan is studying the Ukrainian method of information warfare against Russia, in order to build a line of defense in case of an attack by China.

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