China updated data on deaths from coronavirus: 60 thousand in a month  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

China updated data on deaths from coronavirus: 60 thousand in a month

In China, since December 8, after Beijing’s rejection of the strict policy of “zero incidence rate”, according to the authorities, about 60 thousand people have died from COVID-19.

It is reported Ukrinform with reference to CNN.

An official from the National Health Commission said at a press conference in Beijing that 59,938 Covid-related deaths were registered in China between December 8 and January 12. Of them, 5,503 died of respiratory failure, and 54,435 were infected coronavirus – from concomitant diseases, mainly cardiovascular.

As you know, earlier China counted among the victims of covid only those patients who died of respiratory failure; according to such statistics, the death rate in December amounted to only a few dozen people. But the World Health Organization and the United States have accused China of “underestimating” the severity of the current outbreak and providing inaccurate information as reports of overcrowded hospitals and mass deaths came in.

Therefore, according to the recommendations of the WHO, Chinese officials expanded the information, published data on hospitalizations, patients in intensive care, as well as on mortality in hospitals. Hospitalizations for patients with COVID-19 peaked on January 5, 2023, at 1.63 million, and as of January 12, 1.27 million were still hospitalized. Despite the new figures, experts continue to question their credibility and transparency, believing that the death toll from the coronavirus in China is even higher.

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