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The disappearance and then “quiet” dismissal in July of Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang was due to the fact that regulatory authorities found his extramarital affair in the United States. About it The Wall Street Journal reports.

Before being appointed Foreign Minister on December 30, 2022, Qin Gang was Ambassador to Washington. According to the publication’s sources, during his stay in the United States, he entered into an extramarital affair and even became a father.

The existence of such incriminating evidence for a diplomat of his rank is in itself a threat and a serious career risk, and Qin Gang further worsened his position in the eyes of the leadership by trying to hide an extramarital affair from Chinese regulatory authorities.

As a result, Qin Gang “disappeared from public view” at the end of June 2023. For about a month, his ministry explained the reasons why the head of the Foreign Ministry did not take part in the planned meetings as his “state of health.”

On July 25, reports appeared that Qin Gang had been removed from the post of Chinese Foreign Minister, and Wang Yi, who had previously been the curator of the diplomatic direction in the leadership of the Communist Party, was returning to his post.

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