Collaborators and their families are taken from Kherson to the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea  News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Collaborators and their families are taken from Kherson to the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

Summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of the evening of October 17. 236 days of war.

During the current day, the enemy launched 9 missile and 39 air strikes, carried out about 30 attacks from rocket salvo systems.

Areas of more than 25 settlements were hit by the enemy. Among them are Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia; Kozacha Lopan and Strelecha of Kharkiv region; Krasnohorivka, Terny, Soledar and Maryinka of the Donetsk region, Biloghirka of the Kherson region; as well as other settlements of Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv and Sumy regions.

For strikes, the enemy used cruise, aviation and anti-aircraft guided missiles. In addition, the enemy continues to use Iranian-made Shahed-136 unmanned aerial vehicles.

In the Slobozhansk direction, the enemy shelled the settlements of Visoka Yaruga, Vovchansk, Vovchanski Khutory, Kozacha Lopan, Ohirtseve and Gatishche with tanks, mortars, barrel and jet artillery.

According to the specified information, the results of fire damage to enemy units have been confirmed. More than 40 occupiers were injured in the Melitopol settlement of the Zaporizhzhia region as a result of point-blank artillery strikes by the Defense Forces. An ammunition depot was destroyed in Berdyansk. Up to 30 invaders were wounded in the village of Voskresenka, and up to 25 wounded in Vasylivka. The number of dead, which the occupiers are trying to hide, is being clarified.

In Kherson, the occupiers are forced to involve Russian Guard units in the engineering equipment of positions around the city. At the same time, measures are being taken to deport collaborators and their families to the territory of the temporarily occupied territory of the Republic of Crimea.

During the current day, the aviation of the Defense Forces has carried out more than 11 strikes. The defeat of 10 areas of concentration of weapons and military equipment, as well as the position of the enemy’s anti-aircraft missile complex, was confirmed. In addition, our air defense units shot down 25 enemy Shahed-136 UAVs.

Units of missile troops and artillery hit two control points, one area of ​​concentration of manpower, weapons and military equipment, two air defense facilities, 2 ammunition warehouses and other military targets of the enemy.

Detailed information on the situation in other directions – in the summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

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