Commemorative chevrons were stolen from the grave of the “Jus” pilot (photo)


A few days after the funeral, the chevrons disappeared.

The chevrons disappeared from the grave of “Jus” /

An act of vandalism was committed on the grave of the fallen military pilot Andriy Pilshchikov with the call sign “Jus”. Unknowns stole the chevrons, which were left there by the comrades of the warrior.

This was reported by the girl with whom the pilot met, Melania Podolyak Twitter.

According to her, brothers of “Jus” left about 20 chevrons on his grave in memory of the pilot. However, a few days after the funeral, the chevrons disappeared.

Chevrons on the grave "Juice" / Chevrons on the grave of “Jus” /

The girl asked the unknown vandal to write to her to return the chevrons. Moreover, she promised to give something much more unique and valuable in their place. Melania promised it would be confidential.

“To the person who stole the chevrons that were left on Andrey’s grave by his brothers. Write to me in private messages. I will give you something much more unique and valuable in return, and you will return the chevrons to their place. No one will know your name,” wrote Melania Podolyak.

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Death of “Jus”

On August 25, a plane crash involving two L-39 aircraft occurred in the Zhytomyr Region. As a result, three experienced Ukrainian pilots were killed – Major Vyacheslav Minka, Major Serhiy Prokazin and Captain Andriy Pilshchikov with the call sign “JUICE”.

After talks with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said that Ukraine will receive 42 F-16 fighter jets from this country. At the same time, Denmark promised to hand over 19 more planes to the Ukrainian army.

In addition, the first six fighters should arrive closer to this New Year.

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