Compulsory subjects for Ukrainian schoolchildren abroad are named


The Ministry of Education and Science named mandatory subjects for children abroad.

Yes, in addition to foreign subjects, children should study subjects related to Ukraine.

It informs press office Ministry of Education, writes the publication “IN THE WORLDΒ».

What subjects will students study in separate classes (groups):

Grades 1-4:

  • Ukrainian language and literature;
  • I explore the world (as part of civics and history education).

Grades 5-9:

  • Ukrainian language;
  • Ukrainian literature;
  • Introduction to the history of Ukraine and civic education (grade 5);
  • History of Ukraine. World history (6th grade);
  • History of Ukraine (grades 7–9);
  • Fundamentals of jurisprudence (grade 9);
  • Geography (grades 8–9).

10-11 grades:

  • Ukrainian language;
  • Ukrainian literature;
  • History of Ukraine;
  • Civic education (10th grade);
  • Geography (grade 11);
  • Defense of Ukraine.

Also, within the weekly workload, there are hours for individual classes and consultations: one per week for grades 1–4 and two for grades 5–11.

As reported, schoolchildren who are abroad will be able to study remotely in created classes in separately designated institutions.

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