Corteva Agriscience expands production of corn seeds to 24 hybrids at plant in Poltava region


The international agricultural research company Corteva Agriscience has increased 2.6 times the number of Pioneerยฎ brand corn seed hybrids that are grown on the production fields of the company’s seed complex in Poltava region, to 24, according to its press release.

According to the report, the portfolio of Ukrainian-produced corn seeds in 2024 will, in particular, include hybrids from the Pioneer Optimum AQUAmax line.

In addition, in 2023, the seed team began growing corn hybrids popular in European Union markets, as its long-term strategy for production in Ukraine is to increase its share of exports to the EU.

The company recalled that in 2022, Corteva increased export volumes to the EU 16 times.

In the current season, according to the company, 80% of seed crops were grown in irrigated fields, and StripTill technology was introduced in 15%, which helps preserve soil moisture and prevent erosion. Precision farming has been implemented in more than 80% of production areas. A system of differential crop density has been introduced.

“During the 10 years of operation of the Corteva seed complex in Ukraine, everything is being done to provide farmers with high-quality seeds of Ukrainian production… We are convinced that seed production in Ukraine has a great future and Corteva strives to be a leader here,” Production Manager in Ukraine at Corteva Agriscience Oleksiy Turchynov was quoted by the press service.



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