Council Chairman Stefanchuk on the anniversary of the Russian attack on Georgia

Council Chairman Stefanchuk on the anniversary of the Russian attack on Georgia

About this it is said in Stefanchuk’s official statement.

In it, the head of the Council recalls how on August 8, 2008, Russian troops attacked Georgia, but the world community did not attach due importance to the event.

“Russia felt impunity. And understood that ‘this is possible’. In 2014, the world saw the ‘little green men’. The world condemned it. But it did not dare to do more than ‘deep concern’. And in February 2022 (RF – Ed.) started a full-scale war in Ukraine. I really want the world to finally and irrevocably realize: our country is fighting a monster. It is fighting not only for itself, but also for each of you,” Stefanchuk said.

He also emphasized that the world should show determination and give Russia a hard time in 2008.

“Today, the aggressor and the terrorist state can only be isolated and made a complete exile. Otherwise, this Russian epidemic of war will continue,” added the head of the Council.

  • Mamuka Mamulashvili, the founder and commander of the “Georgian National Legion”, said that Russia’s plan in 2008 succeeded, because today we got a full-scale war in Ukraine, as a result of the war in Georgia. According to him, in 2008, Russia sensed the world’s reaction to aggression

  • Previously, the Minister of Defense of Poland (2007-2011) Bohdan Klich said that NATO made perhaps the biggest mistake in 2008 by not guaranteeing the MAP in the Alliance to Ukraine and Georgia

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