Coup in Niger: the neighbors decided to form a military contingent for the invasion


Preparations for a large-scale war in Africa are gaining momentum.

The leader of the Nigerian junta, Abdurahaman Tiani / screenshot

West African countries that are part of the ECOWAS military-economic bloc have decided to “activate” and “deploy” “reserve forces” to be used if necessary to restore constitutional order in the Republic of Niger. As written Reutersthe official spokesman of ECOWAS, Omar Aliyeh Tourei, informed the press.

West African army chiefs will meet in the coming days to prepare plans for a possible military invasion of Niger, where a military junta ousted the government and president and seized power two weeks ago, he said.

It is currently unclear how many troops the bloc countries plan to deploy and how long it will take them to assemble these troops. So far, only one figure has been announced: the president of Côte d’Ivoire announced his intention to create one battalion of 850 soldiers.

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Benin and Senegal also agreed to send troops – but without specifics. The rest of the countries of the block have so far refrained from such statements.

Meanwhile, Mali and Burkina Faso, also members of ECOWAS, said they would instead defend the junta in Niger. But here it is worth reminding that the power in both of these states is now also held by the military junta, which came to power in particular with the support of Russia.

The coup in Niger – what is known

At the end of July, a military coup took place in the Republic of Niger. The legitimate president and the government were overthrown, the leader of the rebels declared himself the head of the state.

After that, a group of neighboring countries that formed the military-political bloc ECOWAS applied sanctions against Niger and issued an ultimatum: the junta must return power to the legitimate government, or the neighbors will use military force.

In addition, military contingents of several Western countries, including France and the United States, remain on the territory of Niger. They refused to leave the territory of the country at the request of the junta, but so far have not publicly announced plans to use force against the rebels.

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