Culture Ministry, UNESCO cooperate to estimate damage caused to media by war


The Culture and Information Policy Ministry of Ukraine and UNESCO cooperate to estimate damage cause to the media as a result of the fill-scale war.

“Taras Shevchenko, Deputy Culture and Information Policy Minister, spoke about the losses and damage caused to the media sector in Ukraine as a result of the war. He also noted what is necessary to restore and support the media sector so that this industry can meet the growing needs of Ukraine’s democracy,” the press service of the ministry said following a roundtable meeting of the Council on Foundations on philanthropy issues.

In particular, the deputy minister emphasized that calculating damage in the media sector turns out to be a more difficult task compared to assessing physical losses in the field of cultural heritage.

“In this regard, the Culture and Information Policy Ministry is currently cooperating with UNESCO for thorough calculations in this area,” it said.

Among other things, the ministry noted the importance of not only recording the facts of the release of fake news, but also measuring the size of the harm caused by them.



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