Currently, no new strain of the Pirola coronavirus has been detected in Ukraine


A new variant of the coronavirus (BA.2.86) was recorded for the first time in Israel. Now, almost 100,000 cases of the disease caused by it have been discovered in the world. These are, in particular, cases in Great Britain, USA, South Africa, Sweden, France, Portugal, Canada, Thailand, Switzerland and Australia.

About this informs Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The most common symptoms are runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, and sore throat, less commonly eye irritation and rashes.

Ihor Kuzin, Deputy Minister of Health

We do not rule out that a new variant of the coronavirus infection will appear on the territory of Ukraine. Considering that thousands of Ukrainians, who were forced to leave their homes because of the war, will come or return home from countries where there is already a new strain.

In each region, during the 2023/24 epidemic season, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention specialists will continue to collect samples, test the strains in the laboratory and study the mutations that arise.

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