Czech Republic freezes all Russian state assets | News of Ukraine


The Czech government has decided to freeze all Russian state assets. The Prime Minister of the country reported this Petr Fiala and Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky.

“This means that the Russian Federation will not be able to dispose of real estate owned by a government agency of the Russian Federation. The property cannot be transferred or sold. Russia will not be allowed to use bank accounts into which rent for this property is received,” – reported Fiala.

He added that the Czech Republic will insist that other European countries also take similar steps.

Head of the Czech Foreign Ministry emphasizedthat the government of the country approved the freezing of Russian assets at his proposal: “This ends the commercial activity from which Russia finances the murders of Ukrainians.”

His Ukrainian colleague Dmitry Kuleba thanked Lipavsky for the “fundamental step.”

“All countries that have not yet done this should follow this example. Russian money should go to the restoration of Ukraine, and not to murder and destruction,” – stated Kuleba.

  • Western countries have frozen $300 billion in Russian assets in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. USA frozen Russian sovereign assets worth $8 billion, most of which is in the EU and Japan.
  • In August it was reported that the Czech Republic had frozen Russian assets worth more than 14 billion UAH.
  • In October, the EU and the US confirmed their intentions transfer income to Ukraine from frozen assets of Russia.
  • At the end of October, the Czech Republic reported that the country will navigate to a joint EU legal decision on the use of frozen assets of the Russian Federation to support Ukraine.

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