Danilov on missile strikes: It's a common situation, we take it easy, don't scare people - Ukrainian news, Politics

Danilov on missile strikes: It’s a common situation, we take it easy, don’t scare people – Ukrainian news, Politics

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov said that missile strikes on the cities of Ukraine would not affect the situation at the front. He said this in an interview ERR.

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According to him, missile strikes are a “normal” situation for Ukrainians, since a full-scale war has been going on since February 24.

“Our population is already quite calm about such things. Yes, it’s unpleasant. Yes, it’s a certain inconvenience to sit in a bomb shelter. But we are confident in our victory, and whatever Putin no matter what, victory will be ours. He now has a new strategy and new tactics, a new look at the war he unleashed,” Danilov said.

He noted that Ukraine is ready for such actions of the enemy and they will not stop the actions of the Defense Forces to liberate the territories.

Danilov stressed that the military must fight the military, while Putin is fighting civilians.

“We have already driven them out of the Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy regions, we have pushed them back in the Kharkiv region, in the Luhansk region, in other directions. Considering that we are defeating them on the battlefield, they begin to twitch and switch to the civilian population. His attack on the civilian objects generally goes beyond the scope of the so-called “special operation”, and this will not end well for him,” he concluded.

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