Danilov responded to supporters of "territorial deals" with Russia: Let them give their lands to Putin - Ukrainian news, Politics

Danilov responded to supporters of “territorial deals” with Russia: Let them give their lands to Putin – Ukrainian news, Politics

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov responded to supporters of territorial concessions to Ukraine in exchange for ending the war, offering them to give their lands to the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. He said this in an interview Sky News.

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The journalist told Danilov that before the interview, he got acquainted with the opinion of several high-ranking European diplomats, who allegedly spoke about a possible “deal” with Russia, according to which Ukraine renounces the territories occupied since 2014 in exchange for NATO membership.

Danilov replied that he did not know “with whom such conversations are being held in Europe and what relation these people have to our independence.”

He mentioned the former President of France Nicolas Sarkozywho tried to negotiate with Russia over the 2008 war in Georgia, when the Russian Federation occupied part of the territories of Georgia.

“After the leaders of France and Germany forced us to sign the Minsk agreements, we lost part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but we did not stop fighting for them and did not stop protecting them, because they are ours,” Danilov said.

Summing up, he said that the issues of territories relate to the Constitution and laws of Ukraine and suggested that European figures who propose “territorial compromises” with the Russian Federation should give their land to Putin.

“I want to see how their society, their voters and their children will react,” the NSDC secretary said.

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