Death toll among Ukrainian citizens in Israel increases to 12 – embassy


Some 12 Ukrainian citizens killed in Israel, eight Ukrainians are considered missing, the Ukrainian Embassy in the State of Israel told Interfax Ukraine.

According to the latest data, some 18 U.S. citizens were killed in Israel as a result of a Hamas attack, while 21 are considered missing; some 13 French citizens were killed, nine are considered missing; eight Argentine citizens were killed and 19 are considered missing.

Among British citizens: seven killed, ten are considered missing; among German citizens: four killed and 13 are considered missing; among Chinese citizens: four killed and three are considered missing; among Thai citizens four killed and nine are considered missing; three Azerbaijani citizens were killed and one is considered missing.

Also killed were two citizens of Austria, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, Uzbekistan, and the Philippines; one citizen of Iran, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Hungary, Mexico, Moldova, Portugal, Denmark, Estonia, Sudan, India.

Among Russians, 11 killed and 14 are considered missing, among Belarusian citizens four died and one is missing.

On October 12, Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleh Nikolenko reported that seven Ukrainians were killed in Israel, nine citizens were injured of varying degrees of severity.Β 



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