Defense Forces gain foothold on left bank of Dnieper River near Kherson


The Ukrainian defense forces carried out a series of successful operations on the left bank of the Dnieper River in the Kherson axis and were able to gain a foothold in several bridgeheads.

“Thanks to courage and professionalism, the Ukrainian marines, in cooperation with other units of the defense forces, managed to gain a foothold on several bridgeheads. […] Ukrainian marines carry out fire strikes on the left bank of Kherson region and conduct operations to destroy the enemy,” the Marine Corps said on Facebook on Friday morning.

During the fighting, the Russian occupiers sustained heavy losses in manpower and equipment.

“Since the beginning of these activities, the enemy has lost personnel – 1,216 killed and 2,217 wounded, 24 tanks, 89 artillery systems and mortars, 135 units of various automotive equipment, 48 units of armored combat vehicles, including armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, 14 watercraft, 15 units of special equipment, four command posts, 29 ammunition depots, both field and stationary. In addition, the combined electronic warfare unit of the Marine Corps neutralized 135 FPV drones and five operational-tactical UAVs,” it said.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on the Telegram channel that “sabotage, raid and reconnaissance operations are now being carried out in this direction. Routes for the logistics supply of ammunition and food to the occupiers are being identified. The locations of personnel and equipment of the Russian occupation forces, artillery positions, etc. are being scouted with the aim of their further destruction by appropriate means of destruction. Heavy fighting continues.”

“One of the main goals of this work is to push the enemy as far as possible from the right bank in order to protect the civilian population from constant Russian shelling. The farther Russian artillery is from Kherson, the better,” the General Staff said.



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