Defense of Donetsk region the National Guard spoke about the

Defense of Donetsk region: the National Guard spoke about the battles on the Lyman and Bakhmut areas | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine

The National Guard under the pseudonym “Spider” protects Donetsk region from the Russian invaders. He participated in the battles for Zarichne and Mayorsk. Guardsman is 21 years old. Before the full-scale invasion, he was in conscript service, currently signed a contract.

“We went on rotation to the village of Zarichne. Positions were already dug there, but for a smaller number of people, they began to dig for themselves. Then there was a “salute” of Russian self-propelled guns and mortars until, as I understood it, they had a lunch break. We also used it. An hour later, enemy tanks began to attack us, and a drone hovered over us. It was lucky that we had removed the seats from the car before that, and thus disguised ourselves: the ground was black, so were the seats, and the “bird” could not see us. It all ended with the fact that our group managed to destroy one of their tanks with the help of ATGMs. As a result, we got to Zarychne itself without losses,” says Pavuk.

“Spider” also fought in the Mayorsk region – helping to evacuate the wounded. There he was struck by a huge crater from the explosion of a Russian rocket that destroyed a local school.

“Our task is to evacuate the wounded and killed. In the event of a Russian breakthrough, we had to hold our positions. My friends “Buba” and “Agronom” were with me. Around 12:00, a wounded person was brought to us from the first positions – in the torso and leg. We gave him first aid, but it was impossible to take him out during the day because of the drones, we had to wait for darkness. In the end, a duel began between our Mishko tank and the Russian one. There was a bridge and support columns, and suddenly they had to be hit twice. It was both scary and interesting at the same time, because I had never seen anything like it before, – the guardsman shares. He adds that several soldiers of the “Donbas” special purpose battalion were waiting for them at the evacuation point, most of them wounded in the arm or leg.

“They refused to take off their bulletproof vests, leave their weapons, and, in fact, they went out on their own – it was powerful! But a drone was flying above us, and it detected our position. And just then it flies in: ears are ringing, dust is everywhere, it is not clear what is happening. They began to talk about each other: “Agronomist” turned out to be “the three hundredth”. I was also affected by this, I feel that my clothes are starting to stick. But there were many of them, the hit changed the trajectory. “Buba” had already put a tourniquet on “Agronom”‘s arm and leg. We took him to the evacuation point and returned to our position,” recalls Pavuk. According to him, “Agronom” is recovering little by little and is already rushing back to its fellow players to take “match revenge”.

“Pavuk” says that after his native Kherson was liberated, he feels obliged to do everything possible to liberate Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Defense of Donetsk region: the National Guard spoke about the battles on the Lyman and Bakhmut directions 7

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