Delivery of Cheetahs to Ukraine stalled: Germany lacks ammunition – Die Welt - Ukraine news, Politics

Delivery of Cheetahs to Ukraine stalled: Germany lacks ammunition – Die Welt – Ukraine news, Politics

Germany is faced with a shortage of ammunition for self-propelled anti-aircraft guns “Gepard”, which she promised to supply to Ukraine. Germany is trying to find ammunition on the world market, writes The worldciting Ukrainian government sources.

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According to the publication, the manufacturer of “Cheetahs”, the company KMW, on the second day of a large-scale Russian invasion, said that it could relatively quickly bring the weapon into operation and deliver it to Ukraine. However, even then the German government knew about the lack of ammunition for them.

It is noted that the original shells are produced by the Swiss company Oerlikon from the German concern Rheinmetall. The problem here is Switzerland’s ban on the supply of its weapons to conflict zones.

In such a situation, the German government decided to look for suitable ammunition on the world market. According to the publication’s sources, there are still only 23,000 charges for the 30 anti-aircraft guns planned for delivery, which is enough for half an hour of work.

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Journalists note that export applications for the supply of Marder infantry fighting vehicles, Leopard-1 tanks, hundreds of KMW howitzers to Ukraine have not yet been approved.

Meanwhile, according to the publication, on May 1, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov sent his German counterpart Christina Lambrecht a new list of weapons needed for the urgent delivery of the Ukrainian army. It included the Leopard-2 and Leopard-1 tanks, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, PzH 2000 howitzers, M270 MLRS, Marder infantry fighting vehicles, drones and armored vehicles.

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