Denmark finances supply of large batch of Czech-made military equipment, weapons, ammunition to Ukraine


In the coming months, Denmark and the Czech Republic will supply the Ukrainian armed forces with infantry fighting vehicles, battle tanks, heavy weapons and other equipment from the production and warehouses of Czech private companies at the expense of the Danish government, the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic said on Thursday.

Initially, delivery is expected of almost 50 infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks, some 2,500 pistols, some 7,000 rifles, some 500 light machine guns and 500 sniper rifles, electronic warfare and reconnaissance equipment, including a significant amount of large-caliber ammunition produced and from warehouses of Czech companies.

“This is a significant gift of equipment that Ukraine badly needs. Such a gift was made possible thanks to the exemplary cooperation between Denmark and the Czech Republic,” Danish Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen said.

“The Ministry of Defense is primarily playing the role of facilitator in this project. There are a number of defense industry companies in our territory with which we, as the Ministry of Defense, have long-term relationships, and therefore we can connect them with those who, like us, want to help Ukrainians. In this case, it is the Danish government,” Deputy Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic Daniel BlaΕΎkovec said.

At the same time, he added that thanks to this form of cooperation, it will be possible to continue military assistance to Ukraine not only in the coming months, but also in 2024, and, if necessary, in the long term.

The delivery includes both modern Czech weapons and refurbished equipment that is already in use by the Ukrainian armed forces. The list was created based on the requirements and needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to strengthen their combat capabilities.

Both countries plan to subsequently transfer to Ukraine 500 heavy machine guns, 280 recoilless rifles, 7,000 anti-tank guns, some 10,000 hand grenades and 60 mortar systems and much more. The delivery will also include a significant number of anti-drone systems.



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