Denmark transferred autonomous hydrographic complexes to the Navy of Ukraine


This is the press service of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informs on Facebook

As Roman Goncharenko, head of the hydrographic service of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, noted, this complex is equipped with a multi-beam echo sounder designed to capture the topography of the bottom for the purpose of situational awareness of the underwater space. Its capabilities allow detecting underwater objects, which is extremely important for military sailors today.

“This unmanned surface complex manufactured by Maritime Robotics (Norway), special equipment of the complex, in particular the SeaBat T51 multi-beam sonar, manufactured by Teledyne Marine (Denmark), which is one of the leading manufacturers of sonar and echo sounders of various types, as well as navigation equipment,” he noted officer.

According to him, the complex will significantly strengthen capabilities in the study of the seabed, which is sometimes of crucial importance for the safety of navigation and environmental protection.



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