Deposits of undistributed humanitarian aid were found in the Zaporizhzhia region


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Yuriy Malashko, head of OVA, reported that 500 tons of undistributed humanitarian aid were found at enterprises in Zaporizhzhia.

That’s what he’s about told at Telegram.

Malashko noted that humanitarian aid was found at two enterprises. According to him, this case is a continuation of the scandal involving the embezzlement of humanitarian aid in the first months after the full-scale invasion.

“The aid did not reach either the military, who protect our peace 30 kilometers from the regional center, or the forced migrants.” – said the head of OVA.

The official also specified that this is food that has expired due to long-term storage.

“Tons of food products, given to Zaporizhzhia region in 2022 by Western partners and friends, simply spoiled due to the criminal negligence of officials of the regional administration”, – said Malashko.

According to the head of the OVA, “tough personnel decisions” will be made regarding those responsible for embezzling aid, and the perpetrators themselves must answer for what they have done before the law.

We will remind, due to the strike on the Polish border, trucks with humanitarian aid cannot enter Ukraine.

It was also reported that the High Anti-Corruption Court transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 596,400 UAH, 230,060 dollars and 650 euros seized during searches in the case of embezzlement of humanitarian aid in Zaporizhzhia.

Earlier it became known how many Ukrainians received this year’s humanitarian aid.

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Source: Deposits of undistributed humanitarian aid were found in the Zaporizhzhia region


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