Depriving the Russian Federation of powers in the UN would be a victory,

Depriving the Russian Federation of powers in the UN would be a victory,

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Ogryzko said this on Espresso.

“What did the latest resolution of the UN General Assembly show regarding pseudo-referendums? This could be a turning point in the history of the UN. It brought together a significantly larger number of countries than is necessary to carry through the General Assembly decisions that cannot be passed by the UN Security Council. For Russia and its satellites – this is a clear signal – “Just a little more and you will have the decisions that you are afraid of because of the GA”, – said Ogryzko.

He emphasized that there is a potentially positive moment for Ukraine.

“We need to raise the question that Russia is a member of the UN illegally and did not acquire this membership in a legal way. Not in accordance with the UN Charter, but by deception. If our country, the United States, the civilized world worked with the members of the UN, they would raise the question , that Russia should be deprived of its powers at the first stage. This is a completely normal story and it can be a prologue for further actions. This would already be a colossal victory, which would open the door for further movement – the exclusion of the Russian Federation from the organization itself. There is a good dynamic here , it should not be erased, but continue to work in this direction. I think that the vast majority of member countries would not like to be in the place of Ukraine. This is what should be used to show – either we work together and the organization is alive, or really we need to find a replacement for her,” concluded the ex-minister.

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