Details of the explosions at Engels airfield.  Zgurets column

Details of the explosions at Engels airfield. Zgurets column

Alliance of Russia and Iran

Now everyone expects the arrival of the American Patriot complex to the Armed Forces, and the arrival of SAMP/T from Italy is already possible. These are the types of weapons that will significantly strengthen our air defense, because they can fight ballistic missiles. We are talking about Russian Iskander missiles and samples of ballistic missiles that Russia is going to buy from Iran. The enemy hopes very much to receive missiles and unmanned systems from this country, which are already being delivered to it. But is it possible to oppose these efforts and this “friendship” between Iran and the Russian Federation? What can Ukraine do to find an antidote to this military cooperation?

According to Igor Semivolos, director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Iran is afraid of sanctions because it is not in a state where it is ready and able to ignore them. People’s uprising has been going on in Iran for 100 days. The situation for the leadership of this state is controlled, but difficult. They need resources, and resources can be provided by Russia, which provides Iran with cash to meet the needs of its loyal population. At the same time, Iran is tied to the economy and cooperation with other countries. Now these sanctions are only personal, the other day we received information that Germany has stopped cooperation with Iran. Only now we see certain changes. It is quite likely that European pressure on Iran can delay the delivery of missiles.

On the one hand, Iran is interested in strengthening its subjectivity, therefore, thanks to this situation, Tehran feels like a player in the broad geopolitical arena for a long time. At the same time, Russia is interested in Iranian weapons, as well as in certain resources and allies, so Russia and Iran are trying to profitably implement this new alliance.

The situation around Bakhmut

Taras Berezovets, an officer of the first separate special brigade named after Ivan Bohun, noted that near Bakhmut, what has been happening since the first days of the Russian invasion; the enemy is trying to take this city, over which all the “stars” have converged, i.e. Prigozhin, Shoigu, and now General Gerasimov. Yesterday, December 26, a video was made public in which two Wagnerites directly threaten the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, and address him obscenely, as if he is to blame for the shortage of ammunition in this direction, because it seems that the Wagnerites cannot adequately oppose the Ukrainian army. In this city, the interests of both the Russian army and Wagner’s Communist Party, which is fighting both for financial flows and for power, converged, and so far it seems that Prigozhin and the Wagnerites will win this battle for themselves. Therefore, for Prigozhin, Bakhmut is a personal vendetta, revenge against the Ukrainian army. He wants to capture the city in order to take revenge for the losses suffered by his wards from the Armed Forces. And also to take revenge on his opponents in the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and the Russian Ministry of Defense. Everything overlapped.

Berezovets said that the Russians constantly carry out attacks by assault groups, sometimes dozens of times on the same Ukrainian positions. And the Wagnerites, and mobs, and artillery, and aviation – the Russians are abandoning all this in order to take positions in this city. As much as possible, the enemy was able to enter the southern and southeastern outskirts of Bakhmut, entrenched in a triangle. They were kicked out of most of the streets occupied by Russians last week. Small groups of the enemy continue to be on the outskirts of the city. But even that little progress, which they could achieve two weeks ago with terrible efforts, is now gone.

Details of the explosions at Engels airfield Zgurets column

According to the officer of the Armed Forces, Russian forces are being exhausted. Also, the enemy feels a shortage of ammunition for its own artillery, so we can talk about a certain advantage of ours. But in no way does this mean that the danger has passed. Unfortunately no. The enemy will continue to make new attempts, he has virtually unlimited human resources, so he will stop at nothing, throwing his own troops into suicidal attacks. This is what we call the “Bakhmut express”, because the enemy’s manpower is constantly replenished.

Explosions at the Engels-2 airfield

Let’s return to the powerful explosions in the vicinity of the Engels-2 military airfield in the Saratov region, where unmanned systems were used to destroy Russian strategic bombers

Oleg Katkov, a military expert, editor-in-chief of Defense Express, commented that over Engels airfield there is extremely dense cloud cover, which reaches more than 90%. Most likely, we will not get satellite images with an optical range, or they will appear after the Russians have managed to cover all traces and pretend that nothing happened. There is information that up to 5 Tu-95 MS bombers were damaged, and there is a significant number of dead and wounded.

Details of the explosions at Engels airfield Zgurets column

Thanks to satellite images in the radar range, which were taken 4 hours after the incident, we can say that the “cotton” took place.

1672171088 830 Details of the explosions at Engels airfield Zgurets column

A cluster of aircraft and other objects can be seen on the northern part of the airfield: there were about 20 aircraft at the Engels Air Base.

1672171088 332 Details of the explosions at Engels airfield Zgurets column

In the pictures, we are looking for objects with a wingspan of 50 meters, and we can say exactly how many planes there were. There are cars next to the planes. These can be fire trucks, and they can be security vehicles.

On the recording from the surveillance cameras that recorded the sound, you can hear a large-scale “cotton” and rather more than one. First one explosion is heard, and half a second later an even bigger one. Perhaps this “cotton” happened at the time when cruise missiles were being prepared and loaded. Several Tu-95 aircraft could have sustained significant damage.


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