Diplomat Deshchyts commented on the impact of the situation in Israel on Kyiv


He stated this on the air of the Espresso TV channel.

“I think that Ukraine should do what Ukraine has been doing since the first days of large-scale aggression – to rely primarily on its own strength. And this is what happened in the first days, when the world expected that Ukraine would not withstand the Russian onslaught, but it did not happen.” , – he noted.

Deshchytsa added that, obviously, we now have much more difficult tasks before us, the country needs to think about how to increase the number of weapons produced here, how to spend more on defense and security.

“We need to think about how, despite the fact that the world’s attention can be scattered, and not only because of the fact that there are conflicts in other regions of the world, but also because of the issue of campaign companies, the internal political situation in different countries. And therefore we will need to think about how to convince our partners to continue supporting Ukraine,” the diplomat emphasized.

  • On October 7, the central and southern regions of Israel were hit by a massive rocket attack from the Gaza Strip. As a result, there are victims.
  • More information on the Hamas attack on Israel. Netanyahu has declared war. Text broadcast
  • Serhiy Auslender, an Israeli journalist, noted that the extent of the catastrophe resulting from the Hamas attack on Israel is not yet clear.
  • The Pentagon called the actions of Palestine in Israel violence and terrorism, and also said that it will provide Israel with everything necessary to ensure self-defense

Fuente: espreso.tv


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