Discussions on renaming some streets have started in Kharkiv


A public discussion in the form of an electronic survey on the renaming of 25 toponyms is being held in the city of Kharkiv from November 17 to 22.

It is reported press office Kharkiv City Council.

Kharkiv residents are offered to rename a number of streets, the names of which are associated with the aggressor country and its allies.

Among the proposals: st. Change the international to st. Bilotserkivska, str. Minsk should be called St. Dmytro Antonenko (in honor of the soldier who died in the battles for Kharkiv), str. Rename Novosibirsk to st. Khortytsk, st. Zabaikalska – on the street Leontovych, and prov. Zabaikalskyi – on prov. Generous

It is also proposed to return the old name of Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue and rename it to Byron Avenue.

You can learn more about all the offers and join the discussion here.

You can submit proposals (comments) regarding the renaming of toponyms by sending a letter to the address: pl. Constitutions, 7; by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: (057) 760-79-68.

The deadline for submitting proposals is from November 17 to 22 inclusive.

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