Do the Armed Forces of Ukraine want to reach Moscow?

Do the Armed Forces of Ukraine want to reach Moscow?

Ukraine will be ready to talk only with that Russia that will respect Ukraine and return all occupied lands.

The president says that our goal is to de-occupy Ukrainian lands / photo The president says that our goal is to de-occupy Ukrainian lands / photo

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi declares that Ukraine is not interested in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the war with Russia, but only in the return of Ukrainian lands.

The President of Ukraine said this in an interview with the French TV channels TF1 and LCI.

In particular, Zelenskyi was asked whether negotiations with Russia would ever be resumed, given that there is no goal of reaching Moscow, as was the case with Berlin in 1945.

“We are not interested in Moscow. We are not interested in St. Petersburg. We will not be interested in foreign lands. We are not interested in the life of the Russian Federation. Therefore, we are only interested in our land. And we want to de-occupy it. That’s all. We need to talk to Russia, with that Russia, which is ready to respect you. Which is ready to speak not with weapons, but with words. Which is ready to give you, in one way or another, your legal territories according to international law. It will be possible to talk with this Russia. But not with the Nazi one,” he emphasized Zelensky

Peace formula from Zelenskyi

In November 2022, the G20 summit was held in Indonesia. At the summit, Zelenskyi presented to the international community the Ukrainian formula for achieving peace and called on foreign leaders to help Ukraine implement it. According to the President of Ukraine, each item of the formula is clearly worked out: it is radiation and nuclear safety; food and energy security; countering ecocide; the release of all prisoners and deportees; implementation of the UN Charter and restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the world order; withdrawal of Russian troops and cessation of hostilities; preventing escalation and fixing the end of the war.

On December 12, Zelensky, speaking at the G7 summit, named three steps necessary to accelerate peace. It is about providing Ukraine with modern weapons necessary for defense; preservation of financial, energy and social stability; new diplomacy to bring about the release of all Ukrainian prisoners and territories.

He also called on Russia to begin withdrawing troops from Ukraine by Christmas. He emphasized that if Russia withdraws its troops from Ukraine, a reliable cessation of hostilities will be ensured.

In the winter, Ukraine plans to hold a summit with the participation of partner countries on the implementation of the peace formula proposed by it.

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