Dollar exchange rate on September 18


You can sell a dollar at an average exchange rate of UAH 37.80, a euro at UAH 40.50.

Euros can be sold at the exchange rate of UAH 40.50 per euro / UNIAN photo

Today, September 18, the cash exchange rate of the hryvnia to the dollar in Ukrainian bank exchangers weakened by 5 kopecks to UAH 38.40 per dollar.

According to the published data of the banks, the exchange rate of the hryvnia against the euro has not changed today and is UAH 41.30 per euro. You can sell American currency today at an average rate of UAH 37.80 per dollar. You can sell euros at the exchange rate of UAH 40.50 per euro.

Exchange rate in Ukraine

The exchange rate of the cash dollar to the hryvnia at “PrivatBank” on September 15 remained at the level of the previous indicator – 38.00 hryvnias per dollar. The exchange rate of the cash euro at the financial institution did not change at that time either and amounted to UAH 41.10 per euro.

According to analyst Oleksiy Kozyrev, the “fears” of a certain part of citizens regarding the possible rapid release of the exchange rate persist even these days, which supports the trend of recent days, when, as a whole, the population buys cash and non-cash currency more than they give.

Kozyrev noted that it is not worth waiting for special “surprises” from exchangers: as soon as the owners of exchangers see that there is no “pull”, they will adjust the rate of sale or purchase of currency in their networks of exchange points to stimulate the growth of the volume of transactions and earn in this way precisely due to turnover.

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